Cuckold Hotwife Stories

Share Cuckold Hotwife Stories with HollyIn my experience, the vast majority of cucks have amazing wives. They are hot, kinky and fun. So it is no wonder that so many of them call me up to talk about cuckold hotwife stories. Either to hear some of mine, or to share theirs.

Barebones of Great Cuckold Hotwife Stories

Well, obviously you have the super hot wife. Which, truth be told – any women confident enough to be a cuckoldress is pretty sexy to begin with. Just add a tinge of a super hot body and you have the most important part of cuckold hotwife stories.

Then you have the bull. Some tall, strapping young man that has a huge cock and knows how to use it.

Lastly, you have the cuck. The least important aspect of the story. The watcher… maybe the fluffer.

How to Make Cuckold Hotwife Stories Come True

Starting a cuckold relationship is always a bit of a difficulty. Especially if both initial partners are new to the concept. As I have mentioned many times in this blog, communication is key to successful cuckolding. Not only to get the ball rolling, but to best explain the role and limits of each partner. I highly suggest you browse some of the other articles in this blog to get a better understanding of how to start cucking.

What to do with Your Cuckold Hotwife Stories

Share them of course! I adore emails from my callers. Especially those precious callers that have been calling me for months to seek advice about cuckolding. When they finally get the party underway I want all the juicy details! So I highly suggest that you email your favorite Mistress about your new story, or better yet – call her up and walk her through it! You can also post your cuckod hotwife stories to all sorts of adult sites. If you need an idea of a few to start with… email me :)

Even if you don’t have a smokin hot wife, cuckolding is an incredibly sexy event. I can’t encourage you enough to pursue this type of fun adult fantasy. And once you have your own story to share… bring it right here to me!



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