Cuckold Snowballing

I wrote a post about cuckold snowballing on my main blog not too long ago. But for those of you that are devoted listeners/readers of just this blog I thought a little recap was in order.

What is cuckold snowballing

What is cuckold snowballing

Basically, this is cum swapping. As a cuck, I know you love to watch your wife get all full of cum. So what to do with all that jizz? Well, for a lot of people cuckold snowballing is the ticket. The wife has cum in her mouth… so why not kiss her and get cum in your mouth. Sounds simple enough right?

The Pleasure behind cuckold snowballing

The Pleasure behind cuckold snowballing

The logistics might be easy but… it’s all mental. I realize that some people are squeamish about bodily fluids. There are many cucks out there that have only very “clean” or “dry” sessions. Obviously cuckold snowballing wouldn’t be for you. However, for the rest of you… imagine the mental image of having that cum in your mouth. Not only did he fuck your wife, but now you are eating his cum. God that can be so hot!

Cuckold snowballing is a simple afterthought for some, or the true climax for others. I suggest you use it when appropriate. Of course, you want to communicate this all ahead of time. I know I am always harping on communication but it really is important. Imagine how one little face of hesitation or disgust can turn an incredibly hot scene into something utterly embarrassing!

Good luck!


For a Steamy Cuckold Phone Sex Session or just some Cuckolding Advice – give me a call @ 800-601-6975 Must be 18+

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